Tri-Lakes Relay For Life

I teamed up with the Tri-Lakes Relay For Life committee to create the visuals for their 2021 event. The theme of the event was “game night”, but they didn’t want the typical board game look. Using the 2021 design trends as inspiration, we went with a retro arcade look, which fit perfectly with our message “game over for cancer”.

The flyer shows two bear characters (which are statues located in the park where the event is held) playing an old school arcade game called "The Cure". On the screen reads the mission of the game, "spread cancer awareness and fundraise for cancer research". Behind the characters lies a retro mountain scene with some recognizable video game icons. Pinks and purples were used because those are the colors associated with breast cancer. All fonts were chosen to give a video game feel.

The Relay for Life Committee wanted something that could be left around town for a passerby to scan, which would lead them to more information on the event and a donation page. Continuing with the video game theme, this old school video game sticker was created with a scannable QR code.