Kennedy's Kleaners

Kennedy's Kleaners is a contract-based cleaning company located in the Adirondacks. They needed a brand identity that communicated their professionalism and attention to detail. The brand identity was designed with heavy reference to the brand identity of hotels and resorts, since these are the kind of places that Kennedy's Kleaners most often services.

The logo features two K's back to back with waves beneath that form a recognizable and versatile icon. Paired with a serif font that is packed with pristine personality, this brand gives off vibes that are clean and calm- much like their clients places when they are finished with them!

Colors and brand elements were then chosen to give more substance to the brand's identity. The brand uses a mix of blues & greens- colors that psychologically give viewers a sense of cleanliness and professionalism. Waves are used as an element in brand materials to mimic the waves in the logo. Information is relayed in tight squares and rectangles that give the marketing materials an organized feel.